“Unhappily ever after” by Jeff Hong

What associations do you have with childhood? Animated Disney movies for sure. But what if our favorite cartoon’s characters appear in the real world? Jeff Hong gives us opportunity to watch it.

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‘Interventions in the environment’ by Sonja Hinrichsen

Sonja Hinrichsen - snow field

Footmarks cover the snowy landscape. From the ground these organised (so it seems) lines hardly give the impression of having a purpose other than some winter fun. From a bird perspective, however, spirals resembling crop circles can be seen stretching over vast areas. This is the artwork of Sonja Hinrichsen.
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Sayaka Ganz – “If we value our resources we will waste less”

Sayaka_Ganz_with_Ambush_SculptureSayaka Ganz is a Japanese sculptor that currently lives, works and teaches art in USA. Her work is exhibited on several locations over the world, from New York and San Francisco to London and Tokyo. During her childhood she lived in several different countries. Although this made her more flexible, it did not prevent her to crave for a sense of belonging. She ended up studying art in the US, specialising in sculpture and welding. It is during this time that she met her future husband, also an artist and a professor at the same university.
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Art for the Environment – Booklet

Logo YE AftE IVBYEE and LEWE are happy to present our new publication “Art for the Environment”.

This booklet was created for young people who are interested in the topic of environmental art and would like to get some ideas and inspiration for organising their own workshops and activities with friends or local communities. Inside you can find out more information about the youth exchange “Art for the Environment”, an overview of what environmental art is and workshop ideas which were collected by  the editorial team.

If you want to share your own workshop ideas, you can send them to Natalia Luchko (natalia@yeenet.eu) and they will be published on this blog.

Art for the Environment

Nils Udo

Nils-Udo_(1993)Who is he?
Nils Udo is a German artist, born in 1934. He began his artist career by painting, he spent some times painting in studios in Paris. He found out that he could use natural materials and add them to his work. In the mid-sixties he moved to the German countryside in Bavaria and began to perform his art outside, in the nature. This was the time where he saw that the nature was endangered and he really went into environmental art. Continue reading

Workshop idea – Arboretum


An arboretum is a botanical garden or an area destined to the cultivation of a collection of trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, medicinal, ornamental or other, maintained and ordered scientifically documented and identified, and open to the public for recreational purposes, education and research. During the workshops the participants can create their own small models of nature around them. Continue reading

Workshop idea – Upcycling

upcycling blog

Upcycling is a more creative alternative to dealing with waste. It is about taking waste and making it into something that has equal or greater use or value. It can be also used for art – you can create art objects from trash and use them for decoration, raising environmental awareness and developing your creativity. There are many ideas which you develop using this idea. Continue reading

Stefaan De Croock

Belgian artist Stefaan De Croock, also known as Strook, used recycling and upcycling in his projects. He used old doors to create big art installations and mural in various Belgian towns and cities.

Find out more about his art on the website: http://strook.eu/

Check out some videos from the projects:



EDEN Center’s Artistic Spirit

20151220_124952On Sunday, 20 December 2015, the follow-up of the Youth Exchange ‘Art for the Environment’, held from 9 to 15 November 2015 in Czech Republic, took place in Albania.It was organised by one of the partners of the youth exchange – EDEN Center. The aim of the follow-up was to motivate the youth in Albania to use art that can benefit the environment. Continue reading